ServiceDesk Plus Beta - Test Drive

ServiceDesk Plus 9.0

ServiceDesk Plus - Change Management

Change Management

  • Option to create multiple Change Templates and specify a workflow for each template.
  • Support for creating a normal template and an emergency template with each having its own workflow.
  • Notifications based on roles - Option to configure the roles ( Change Implementer, Analyzer, CAB Member, Line Manager, etc... ) to whom the notification should be sent when a change comes to a specific state.
  • Support for specifying the closure code, down times, impacted user and assets, reason for change and the risk involved in the change.
ServiceDesk Plus - Software License Enhancement

Software License Enhancementt

  • Support for upgrade and downgrade license.
  • Support for suite software, especially this feature will be helpful for Microsoft and Adobe suite products.
  • Detecting suite software installations automatically based on rule.
  • Ability to purchase upgrade licenses from Purchase Order.
  • Site based software compliance.
  • Customizable report for software.
  • New enhanced UI is introduced in software details and list view page.


ServiceDesk Plus ITPulse

ServiceDesk Plus - ITPulse Integration

Now integrate ITPulse with ServiceDesk Plus and receive updates on

  • Requests that have priority and urgency level as High,
  • New change requests and
  • New solutions posted on ITPulse wall automatically.

Your IT folks can access those requests and solutions from the ITPulse wall itself, thereby allowing them know what's happening in your IT, in real-time.

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