ManageEngine OpManager Affiliate Program

Distribute OpManager Free Edition with your products, on CDs or on your website for FREE! Provide Your Subscribers with the Next Generation Network Monitoring Software.

ManageEngine OpManager, Free Edition for Windows & Linux.

You can distribute OpManager in the manner that best suits you and your customer. Use screen shots or any portion of text from the OpManager application or web site!

Distribute OpManager Free Edition

Join our Affiliates Program and distribute our next generation network monitoring software by hosting it on your site, through CDs or any other digital means. Your customers will enjoy all the power of OpManager's Free Edition at no cost.

If you want us to host the download for you, we would be happy to do so. Just follow the simple guidelines here for doing so.

Please note: There is NO need for filling up any registration forms. Just read & see if these Terms & Conditions are okay with you.

Free Edition and Essential Trial Edition

The free download of OpManager also contains the Essential Trial Edition for 30 Days, and the users have the choice of choosing between these two Editions, whichever they prefer. For a comparison between these two versions, refer here.