Category / Sub Category / Item

With ServiceDesk Plus 6, you can provide a relevant classification for a specific request upto three tiers; namely category, sub category and item. This three tier classification will help in addressing the requests faster and also in understanding the nature better. If you find multiple requests in one specific item, then you know that you have to address that issue perfectly so that those kind of issues doesn't recur again.

The data in the sub category is populated according to the selection made in the category and the item data is populated according to the selection made in the sub category. That is, a request can be categorised according to its nature. For example, a compact disk related problem request can be categorized under 'Burn CD' and further to a sub category of 'CD writer' and again to Lens.


Understanding this feature in ServiceDesk Plus 6 :


Assume that there is an IT service request for a change in browser version. Inorder for this request to be better served, you can have a Web browser category, a sub category with a list of available browsers and the item as the version details pertaining to specific browsers.

The pooling of sub category (i.e the list of available browsers) is completely dependant on the category selection (i.e the web browser) and similarly the pooling of item list (i.e the list of available versions) is based on the sub category selection ( i.e the Internet explorer). Hence a clutter free classification of a request is possible and helps faster resolution.

ie_browser firefox_browser
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