Applications Manager支持监控Novell服务器,自动监测故障问题并进行修复,保证Novell服务器正常运行,并可以生成全面的报表。


By monitoring the CPU Monitoring capability of Novell servers, you can monitor CPU usage - check if CPUs are running at full capacity or if they are being under utilized. By monitoring server CPU utilization, you can monitor server performance and restart a process or an application to improve the response time of the application.

Monitor CPU, memory and disk utilization of Novell servers


Monitor the hard disk space utilized by the system and ensure critical processes on the server have sufficient system resources. This helps you maintain a margin of the available disk space. You will be notified when the disk space falls below the margin. You can also run your own programs/scripts to clear disk clutter when thresholds are crossed.

Novell Server Disk Monitoring


Monitor and report on System Processes. Monitor memory, CPU Utilization of processes. This helps identify Top 10 or Top 'N' System Processes or Server Applications using high Server Resources.

Novell Server Process Monitoring


Monitor Network Interface traffic on the server and understand how much network load it handles.

Server Network Interface Monitoring

Novell 监控能力包括:

  • 监控Novell的可用性和性能
  • 监控诸如CPU使用率、内存使用率、磁盘使用率和响应时间等性能数据
  • 采用SNMP监控模式
  • 监控运行在Novell系统中的进程
  • 基于配置的阈值,若Novell系统或系统中某属性出现问题,产生通知和告警。还可以基于配置的脚本/程序,自动执行动作
  • 可实时生成性能图表和报表。可基于可用性、健康状况和连接时间分组显示报表
  • 提供历史和当前Novell性能数据,以便了解某段时间的性能
  • 监控内存使用

更多信息,请参考:Novell 的在线帮助.