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Karl Lowenstein, IT Manager, Saba

ServiceDesk Plus has provided tremendous value for our organization. It's easy to manage and very powerful. We use it to manage requests for multiple teams in our company like IT, facilities, marketing and HR. We use the system to create custom forms for employee onboarding. We find reporting to be very helpful as we can automate the information to be sent to the management and to provide useful insights into our operations

Mohammed Al Meqbali, Manager IT Infrastructure, Al Foah

One of the major advantages of ServiceDesk Plus is that it complies with ITIL life cycle. This has reduced the time and efforts of our team to adopt incident and change management. Another advantage compared to the other help desk software is the simple and user-friendly interface. This software helps us in our daily operational activities. All activities are logged and monitored allowing us to enhance our performan.

Ameen Wassif, Patriot Forge Co

We love the product as a whole however, there are a few things that I would like to comment on:

The purchasing module: we are not using it since we already used our ERP system for that. I believe most customers do the same. That module should be an optional since we pay for something we do not use. The work Log: The has to be a way to allow requesters to see selectively part of it. in other words to apply the same concept on the email trail where there is a "Lock" for each entry to "Hide from requester". That is an important options since executives sometimes want to see what the IT staff is doing. The Search capability: does not work all the time as expected. Sometimes you have to enter your search term several times with different ways and select different search scope until you get a hit. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work.

Sarah Dawson, Engineer, VA DMV

ServiceDesk Plus is a fantastic product for small and mid-sized businesses. As an engineer with a deep background in the big name products, I find ServiceDesk Plus to be extremely customizable, without all the fuss of coding and testing, and we were able to roll it out and train our analyst base quite efficiently. It has helped us manage our requests and keep our inventory under control with great ease.

Karel Martens, IT Manager, Wolters Kluwer

By far the best ServiceDesk tool in the market. The support is top notch and very efficient. Glad to work with a product with such maturity.

Katie Mims, Lead, Eid Passport

My department uses ManageEngine Service Desk Plus in place of shared mailboxes. We only receive requests from external customers via fax and email into ManageEngine. This saves us valuable resources on our exchange server. Using the reporting functions of ManageEngine has helped us track productivity and streamline some of our processes.

Since we have multiple people accessing different Support groups it would be nice to be able to edit everyone's default layout for the request tab for technicians viewing that Support group instead of having to go in and manually change everyone's columns/layout one by one. It would also be nice if on the requester tab there was a symbol/icon indicating if the request had an attachment and if we could preview the attachment before opening the request and attachment. It would be useful if we could make edits to the group/assigner name or other column information on the requester tab without having to open and then edit each request.

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"As the name suggests, the software is meant to help your IT helpdesk become more efficient, and at the same time, keep track of all inventory. It's a Web-based software, so you can access it from anywhere on the network with a Web browser."


"ManageEngine has launched the ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app that incorporates voice-recognition technology for IT professionals so they can make commands, dictate notes and do any number of other tasks that come with managing a help desk."


"ServiceDesk Plus is built with extensive functionality to manage your IT processes more effectively. ServiceDesk Plus is a flexible, easy-to-use help desk software solution built on the ITIL framework to help you resolve IT service requests faster."


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