Webinar - ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand 101 : Everything you needed to know about the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus


Are you fascinated by all things cloud? Do you want to understand how to leverage cloud advantage for your IT service desk? Then this webinar is just for you. In this webinar, we will take you through the benefits and advantages of cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus, ITIL-compliant help desk solution from ManageEngine.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand what's different in ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand
  • See a walk through of the new user interface
  • Get answers to all the questions you had about ServicDesk Plus On-Demand

Webinar Q&A

  • Could you shed some light on migrating data from ServiceDesk Plus installed version to ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand?

    We will assist you with migrating the below data from the On-Premise version.

    • Requests - All requests along with their conversations, resolution, worklogs and attachments will be migrated but the inline images will not be done
    • Solutions
  • Does the On-Demand version support multiple languages?

    Yes, On-Demand does support Multi-Language. ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand is available in the following 14 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Chinese and Taiwan Chinese.

  • When you close a request, will the linked requests be closed automatically?

    When a parent request is closed, all the linked child requests are closed automatically.

  • Can ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand be linked with Active Directory? If so could you elaborate?

    Please refer to the below link for more details on AD Integration

  • Can you associate a single asset to multiple users?

    No, it is not possible to associate multiple users to a single asset

  • How does ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand integrate with Desktop Central?

    Yes, please refer to the below link for more details on ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central Integration https://www.manageengine.com/products/desktop-central/servicedesk-plus-on-demand-integration.html

  • Are the help desk and mail server settings in On-Demand similar to that of the installed version?


  • Can you integrate multiple domains?

    Yes, if they are in the single forest you can authenticate multiple domains.

  • Does ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand support agent based scan?

    No, ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand has agent less scans.

  • Can you have multiple probes for different countries while scanning assets?

    Yes, you will be able to set multiple probes in different countries and scan assets in the application.

  • Do the devices have to be on our network during the scan?

    You can scan assets over the internet using the ADLogon script. You can put this as a start up script in a workstation and scan them. Make sure that the probe machine is accessible over the internet.

  • How do you handle SLAs in different time zones? Does everything go back to GMT?

    You can setup sites and each site can have its own time zones based on which you could setup SLA's in the application.

  • How do i route tickets to different teams?

    Using the business rules, you can automatically assign it to a group based on keywords. Or you could configure group email addresses in the application and alias it with the mail server settings. So that emails which are forwarded to the group email address gets fetched into the application and gets converted as a request. This also gets assigned to the group in the application.

  • Do users in different countries see different time formats?

    Users, can set time zones as per their preference in their application.

Speaker: Sriram K S, Product Specialist, ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand

About the speaker:

Sriram has over 4 years of experience with ManageEngine and has helped IT service desk teams across the globe implement ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand with ITIL best practices.

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