Asset Management

ServiceDesk Plus with asset management features is about to be released soon. The benefits of the functionalities of two ManageEngine brand products namely ServiceDesk Plus and AssetExplorer can be realized with this release. The limitations listed below can be overcome by using ServiceDesk plus with asset management.


Limitations faced without Asset Management Functionality:


  • Help desk tickets or requests cannot be associated with assets
  • Contracts can only be for assets and not for workstations
  • Association of workstations wih assets not possible

To clear some of the doubts regarding this integration of two products, we present herewith some FAQs specifically addressing this scenario.


1. What benefit will I realize out of this AssetExplorer and SDP integration?


The capabilities of your helpdesk is now not only limited to tickets alone but also to manage the assets present with your enterprise.


2. When is this version of ServiceDesk Plus expected?


This version is already under construction and would be made available as soon as possible.


3. Can't I get the Asset Management functionalities alone?


Yes, you could as well download and use AssetExplorer product if your need is such as that will be made available irrespective of this release.


4. What is the pricing of this version of ServiceDesk Plus?


We would come out with the pricing model for this version as soon as possible and would present the same in either the SDP blogs or make an announcement in the forums.


5. Will the ServiceDesk plus be available without this Asset Management feature?


Yes. The ServiceDesk Plus version as a helpdesk without the Asset Management functionality would be made available as a distinct version.

For more information on this please do contact ServiceDesk Plus Support.

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