Beta Readme 9.0

Change Management

  • Change Template: Option to create multiple Change Templates and specify a workflow for each template.
  • Change Workflow: To represent the business change process as a workflow. Support for creating a normal template and an emergency template with each having its own workflow
  • Stage and Status: Six stages of Change path. Submission, Planning, Approval, Implementation, Review and Close. Each stage has their own status list.
  • Change Roles: Defining various change roles being played in the organization e.g Change Implementer, Analyzer, CAB Member, Line Manager, etc... Each role defined with scope on accessing various stages.
  • Notifications: Notifications based on status - Option to configure the roles to whom the notification should be sent when a change comes to a specific status
  • Others: Support for specifying the closure code, down times, impacted user and assets, reason for change and the risk involved in the change

Software License Enhancement

  • Support for upgrade and downgrade license
  • Support for suite software, especially this feature will be helpful for Microsoft and Adobe suite products
  • Detecting suite software installations automatically based on rule
  • Ability to purchase upgrade licenses from Purchase Order
  • Site based software compliance
  • Customizable report for software
  • New enhanced UI is introduced in software details and list view page

Request Trash

  • To recover, view, restore deleted requests
  • When a request is deleted the request will be moved to trash where the user will just be able to view that specific request details
  • The request will automatically be deleted from the trash after 24 hours from its time of deletion(Usually the request can stay in trash for a maximum of 47 hours as the schedule runs only for once a day - not configurable)
  • The behavior of the request in trash is similar to that of delete. All its related associations will be removed. The user can also restore the request. When the request is restored, all its related associations will be recovered back.
  • The technician with "delete request permission" will be provided the trash view access and also to restore or permanently delete the request from trash

Service Request Enhancements

  • When technician wants to raise a new service request from one/more linked incidents, then he/she is provided with a ease of access by clicking the "ACTIONS" menu in the request details page and can click "create service request".
  • The create service request popup gets 3 inputs: the catalog, the template and some comments
  • After that the "auto fill" populates all the user details of the incident requester hence providing a simpler way to raise a new service request
  • On creating the service request, the new service request created will be linked to the incident request from which the service request was raised with the comments hence indicating the use/reason of raising a service request.

Dashboard enhancements

  • The features enables to bring in the generated report charts to the Dashboard

Reply Mail Status Change

  • In order to enable the technician an ease of access, he/she is provided with a new feature such that whenever the technician replies to a request, he/she can change the status of the request to timer running or a timer stopped status by selecting the status on the bottom of the reply description.
  • The status of the request is changed only when the mail is sent successfully

Enhancements in Linking Requests

  • In order to avoid vague linking of requests, a new comment box arises whenever the requests are linked. This box features a text area where the user can provide some comments/reason/description/etc. and can link the requests.
  • These comments will be shown in the history and also on hovering over the request link in request list view

Lucene search mechanism

  • It enables high speed search for request module


  • CMDB API helps in adding, updating, fetching or deleting CIs, relationships between CIs and other CI Type operations

Robo technician

  • Support for Active Directory password reset using Robo technician in 64-bit installation

Purchase - Multi currency support

  • Multi-currency support in purchase order for procuring assets/services from different vendors who deal with different currencies

Service Request to Purchase Order association

  • This feature enables the technicians to associate service requests to purchase order and vice versa, provides option to view associated requests/purchase orders from the other module. Sends notification to associated service request's technicians on rejection, partially/fully receiving items of the purchase order.

Reply Template

  • Earlier Reply templates can have only static content. Now Reply Templates can be customized with Request field values (similar to other Request notification templates)

OnHold Scheduler

  • Request when put to onhold(timer stopped) status, can be scheduled to change to a particular open (timer running) status at a specific date and time. The scheduler features also a reason area where the user can say the reason why the request has been moved to that status or something related to that.
  • This schedule information will be shown in the request list page onhovering over the icon nearby status.
  • This scheduler box will be opened only for technicians with "Request Reopening" persmission.
  • Also the status rules defined will be based on the "FINE GRAIN ACCESS" (FGA) rules set.
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