Optimizing Mailbox Size Quota Usage with M365 Manager Plus Reports

Are you worried about the growing mailbox databases and uncontrolled mailbox usage? Then setting mailbox size limits is your option to overcome these woes. It is even possible to set quotas for the emails that can be sent and received by the users in Exchange Online. You can also set quotas at which warning should be issued to the users.

When you apply restrictions, it is difficult to monitor every single mailbox in your organization. M365 Manager Plus provides you, Mailbox Restrictions Report which lists the mailboxes in your organization and their respective restrictions. The details provided by the report include:

  • Display Name
  • Email
  • Prohibit Send Quota
  • Prohibit Send Receive Quota
  • Issue Warning Quota
  • Archive Quota
  • Archive Warning Quota

Ok! Now you got to know about the restrictions set for each of the mailboxes. But you might have a question.

Is it possible to track the mailbox usage over a period of time ?

Yes, it is possible. M365 Manager Plus provides you Mailbox Size Over Time Report, which gives you the maximum mailbox size and the space consumed currently. You can even compare the space consumed and the quota allocated for mailbox with the help of Current Mailbox Size vs Quota Report.

With the help of the details provided by these reports, you decide whether to increase or decrease the mailbox quota, whether you can enable archiving features for a mailbox or not to avoid running out of space in mailbox databases. This results in a optimized database usage, and keeps the mailbox storage problems at bay.

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