Cost Cutting with Effective License Management

License management is always assumed to be a daunting task which must be carried out with much effort. But M365 Manager Plus with its unique refined reports makes license management simple, which also paves way for cost cutting. You can save much with effective license management than you think.

Identify inactive mailboxes

Inactive mailboxes add up to the cost by consuming licenses, which can be reassigned if needed, or removed. Identifying the inactive mailboxes by perusing the user activity, is a tiresome job. To eliminate this M365 Manager Plus provides, Inactive Mailboxes Report, which lists you the inactive mailboxes which have been inactive for the specified number of days.

Inactive Mailboxes Report

  • Click Reports tab.
  • In the RHS, under Exchange Online, select Mailbox Reports.
  • Select Inactive Mailboxes, under the General Reports category.
  • Select the Microsoft 365 account and the number of days for which the mailboxes should have been inactive.
  • Click Generate Now.

Follow the Email Activity

Some mailboxes might not be inactive, they would be regularly accessed, but there won't be any user activity other than logging in. Such mailboxes can also be stripped of their licenses. M365 Manager Plus provides you Email Activity Report, which gives you the mailboxes with their inbound and outbound email activity details.

Email Activity Report

  • Click Reports tab.
  • In the RHS, under Exchange Online, select Mail Traffic Reports.
  • Select Email Activity by User, under the Mail Traffic Reports category.
  • Select the Microsoft 365 account.
  • Click Generate Now.

M365 Manager Plus also provides you a dedicated set of reports on license management. Learn how to monitor the license usage, with these reports here.

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