Download ADAudit Plus Service Pack

We recommend users to move to the latest version, ADAudit Plus 4.6 build 4661. (How can I find my Build number?)

If your Build Number is How do I find my build number? Apply How to apply Pack? Upgrade to Build Number
4600, 4601, ... 4650, 4651 or 4652 download_servicepack Service Pack 4661
4500, 4501, ... 4542, 4543 or 4544 download_servicepack Service Pack 4600
4100, 4101, .... 4135, 4140 or 4141 download_servicepack Service Pack 4500
4000, 4001, ..... 4050, 4051 or 4052 download_servicepack Service Pack 4100
Note: We strongly recommend you to take backups before migrating. This helps you prevent accidental loss of data.

Instructions to Apply Service Pack

  1. Stop the ADAudit Plus Service.
  2. Backup the existing ADAudit Plus installation,
    1. Zip the entire folder contents, eg., <Installation_Folder>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus (OR)
    2. Take a backup of the database,
      1. Goto <Installation_Folder>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\bin
      2. Execute "backupDB.bat" in a command prompt.
  3. Now run the "UpdateManager.bat" file under <Installation_Folder>\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\bin folder.
For Windows 7/ Vista/ 2008/ 2008R2 computers with UAC enabled, Execute "UpdateManager.bat" as "Run As Administrator"
  1. "Browse" and "Install" the downloaded PPM file.
  2. Please wait until the upgrade completes. Please do not terminate the Service Pack upgrade process prematurely.

How do I find out my Build number?

Log in to the ADAudit Plus web client, and click the "License" link in the top pane. You will find the "Build no:" mentioned below the "Product version:" This is the build number of the currently installed ADAudit Plus.

Need Help?

You can contact ADAudit Plus Support at any time for assistance in upgrading ADAudit Plus to the latest version.