Unable to complete on-demand tasks: "Agent version is not compatible"


You are trying to complete the following on-demand tasks:

  • Scanning for patches
  • Scanning for inventory
  • Establishing remote control
  • Shutting down computers remotely
  • Moving agents from one remote office to another

However, you encounter an error - "Agent version is not compatible".


When you try to take control of a remote computer or when you scan for patch or intentory manually, you get as error as "Agnet version is not compatible". You may encounter this problem if you are trying to establish the Remote Control session or scan for assets/patches immediately after applying a ppm of the Desktop Central application. Whenever you upgrade the Desktop Central by applying the ppm, the agent upgradation happens as below:

  • For systems that are running and the users have already logged on to those systems - during the subsequent refresh cycle or within the next 90 minutes.
  • For systems that are running but no user has logged on - during user logon or within 90 minutes whichever happens earlier.
  • For systems that are shutdown - during the system startup.


The agent version should be upgraded prior to taking remote control or performing a manual scan of assets/patches. The following are the options available for you:

  1. Wait till the agent upgrade happens automatically - Within 90 minutes/User Logon/System Startup.

    Note: The two options given below should be done on the computer which you are trying to take control of.
  2. Right click on the Agent Tray icon on the Client Desktop and select Apply Configurations from the pop-up menu.
  3. In case you have disabled the Agent Tray icon on the client machine, then navigate to the location where you have the DesktopCentral_Agent installed. Navigate to the bin folder in this location and double-click the cfgupdate.exe to execute it. This will upgrade the Agent version installed in the client machine. Ex: C:\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Agent\bin

Applies to: Remote Control, Agent Version is not compatible, Remote Control Failure, Manuall Asset Scanning, Patch Scanning

Keywords: Remote Control failure, Agent Upgrade, Agent Version incompatible

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