Active Directory Reports do not show latest data


While generating Active Directory Reports they do not reflect the modified updates.


  1. Non-synchronization of data between Desktop Central Server and the Active Directory Domain Controller defined in SoM.
  2. Multiple Domain Controllers (DC's) in the network and data in all your DC's are not in Sync.


Configure the AD Update Scheduler to update the Active Directory Reports periodically:

  1. Go to Admin Tab --> Report Settings.
  2. Click on Enable AD Scheduler checkbox.
  3. Select the Domain(s).
  4. Select Scan Mode - Update Complete objects (or) Update only modified objects.
  5. Select Scheduler - Daily/Weekly/Monthly. Fill in the appropriate data.
  6. Click the checkbox to enable Send Reports By Email functionality.
  7. Select the Reports that need to included in the Scheduler.
  8. Click the Save Changes button.

On Demand Synchronization:

  1. Go to Reports Tab.
  2. Select the Domain.
  3. Click on Sync Only Modified to update the modified objects alone. (or) Click on Sync All to update all the objects.

Multiple Domain Controllers:

If you have multiple Domain Controllers in you network and if the data between all the Domain Controllers has not been synchronized when the AD reports data was retrieved, you will find the data is not up-to-date. Ensure that your domain controllers are sychronized when you retrieve the data. For example, schedule AD Update Scheduler as and when your Domain Controllers synchronize.

Applies to: Active Directory Reports, Generate AD Reports

Keywords: Active Directory Reports, Report on AD Objects, Domain Reports, OU Reports, GPO Reports

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