Track Windows File server Modifications & Access Permissions

Track Files Created in Windows File Server
Track Files Created
in Windows File Server

The Simplest of Solutions!!! You guessed it right- Are Simple!
Windows File Server Auditing encourages administrators with 50+ web-based Search Attributes based on 10+ Pre-Configured Reports, displayed as easy to understand Graphs and Tables to aide in quicker computer forensics, Network Security and Compliance!

Find answers to the vital 4W's - 'Who effected what change in File Server, when and from where'. The 'Quick Search' option helps narrow the search by allowing you to enter known Attribute details for better pinpointing. With respect to tracking Windows File Server modifications - Creation/Modification/Deletion, the below Reports shed light on the 'Windows File Server Events'

Know by who and when a file / folder was created on Windows File Servers

File Creation on Windows File Server

Know by who and when a file / folder was created along with the Windows File Server name with corresponding location.
Keep track of the File Server File 'Owner' and the modifications trail

File Modification on Windows File Server

Keep track of the Windows File 'Owner' and the modifications trail with 'Time Modified' Attribute for a particular file in concern; UNC Name would clearly define the Windows File Server path.
Track File Deletion on Windows File Servers

File Deletion on Windows File Server

The crucial Report of the Sensitive File Heavy File Servers, You can track and correct a creation, modification, but a Deletion? If revert to a File Server backup is available, fine, it is difficult to imagine otherwise!
Audit Folder Permission Changes in Windows File Servers
Audit Folder
Permission Changes

Access Permissions for Windows File Server Folder/File

File Server Access Permissions form the backbone of Windows File Server's existence as a location for shared disk access. Access Permissions for Files / Folders / Shares make way for further modifications of the crucial Windows File Server components. Once an unauthorized entry is made, this asks for an immediate thought and the Reports point to a solution!

Folder Permission Changes (DACL)

Keep track of the access/modifications to business-critical files with this Report. From the file permissions to the folder permissions to the modifications to a file! It's time you know-it-all on network 'File/Folder, Shares & Permission' modifications! Know the File / Folder creator and who-gave-whom logon permissions, since being an owner of a File / Folder gives the right to give permissions to the particular File / Folder.

Folder Audit Permission Changes (SACL)

Sometimes the Securing forces need Security! Track the 'discretionary' and 'system access control list' modifications with detailed attributes, crucial amongst them in the Report are the New & Original Security Descriptor Values! Audit the security settings and arrest the 'owners of Permission change'. Being an 'Administrators only' function, know who-wanted-to-access this function as repeated attempts might help you to identify a pattern and thwart the possible data destruction!

With ManageEngine ADAudit Plus- Windows File Server Auditing, Tracking the Modifications & Access Permissions leaves the 'Who-Did-it' with no other way out than, having his happy merry-go-round in the Enterprise Network Environment come to a grinding halt!

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