How to migrate a Desktop Central server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?


You can ensure that there is no loss of data when you move your Desktop Central server while doing either of the following:

  • Moving the server from a test environment to a production environment
  • Upgrading the hardware of the computer where Desktop Central Server is installed

For more information about the operating systems which support Desktop Central, read the Supported Operating Systems section.


  1. You should not download a fresh EXE from the website and install in the new computer; you should only copy the installation directory to the new computer.
  2. Ensure that the new Desktop Central Server has the same drive letter for the patch store and the repository. If it is not located in the same drive location, Desktop Central server will not start since the patch store and the software repository cannot be reached.
  3. The below mentioned steps should be followed sequentially as per the specified order. Do not change the sequence of any operation, failing which might cause issues in the server migration process.

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Steps for migration vary with respect to the Desktop Central version you are currently using. Choose the options below to view the steps to migrate the Desktop Central Server based on the version you have: