Automated Active Directory Group Management

ADManager Plus also offers automation for a section of Active Directory group management. Tasks such as deletion of groups or movement of groups can be automated in a controlled manner using ADManager Plus and its approval workflow system.

How this automation works?

Unlike the usual blind automation, ADManager Plus allows you define an approval workflow engine, which governs the flow of the automation process. This way you stay in control of the automation all the time and even possess the power to stop it if necessary. To give it in a nutshell, this Active Directory automation for group deletion/ movement is a scheduler which:

  • runs at the specified time,
  • generates a report of groups on which certain action (delete/move) is to be performed,
  • halts at the stopovers as described in the workflow, and
  • proceeds to complete the action once it gets a nod from the reviewer.

What's Approval Workflow?

Approval Workflow is a linear hierarchy which clearly defines who reviews the process and who approves it. Workflow available in ADManager Plus is configurable, wherein you can define various levels of pit stops for the automated process. To know more about ADManager Plus Workflow...

Active Directory Approval Workflow

The "X" Factor in ADManager Plus's automation for group deletion/relocation

Selection criteria are the "X" factors. With the given collection of criteria, you can build an automated process that scouts for a particular type of group and performs an action on it. Example: You can build an automated group deletion process, which can pick out only groups that have no members.

ADManager Plus select Groups

Take a look at the automator to delete groups that have no members:

automated to delete groups

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Other features

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Fire a shotgun-shell of AD User Management Tasks in a Single Shot. Also use csv files to manage users. Effect bulk changes in the Active Directory, including configuring Exchange attributes.

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Active Directory Computer Reports

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Active Directory Workflow

A mini Active Directory ticket-management and compliance toolkit right within ADManager Plus! Define a rigid yet flexible constitution for every task in your AD. Tighten the reins of your AD Security.

Active Directory Cleanup

Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

Active Directory Automation

A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.


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