Single User Modification from user reports

Objective: Modifying a user account from a user report.

Solution: Generate the appropriate user report (all users, disabled users, inactive users, etc.) as per your need. Locate the required user either by scrolling through the list of users displayed in the report or using the built-in search option. Click on this user account, make the necessary changes and update the user account.

Steps to modify a single user account from reports

  1. Click on AD Reports tab.
  2. In User Reports click on an appropriate report as per your need. For illustrative purposes, let us click on the Users without Managers report.
  3. Select the domain and also the appropriate OU in which the user account to be modified is located; click on Generate.
  4. Scroll through the user accounts listed in the report or user the built-in quick search option in the report to locate the desired user account.
  5. Click on the required user account.
  6. In the Modify User Properties window that opens up, click on the change link located beside the selected template option if you wish to apply a different template for this user account.
  7. Click on the appropriate tabs (General, Account, Contact, Exchange, etc.) and make the necessary changes to the required attributes or enter values for attributes that do not have any value. To specify a manager for this user, click on the Contact tab and specify the appropriate manager name for the manager attribute.
  8. After making all the necessary changes, click on preview if you wish to view the changes that you made.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click on Update User to save all the changes.

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