How to set different managers for different users in bulk

Objective: While creating new user accounts in bulk, different user accounts have to be specified with a different manager as required.

Solution: You can specify the required manager's Distinguished Name in the manager attribute while specifying the user account details in the CSV file for bulk user creation.


  1. Click on AD Mgmt.
  2. Go to User Management → User Creation → Create Bulk Users. Or, go to CSV Import → Create Users.
  3. Select the Domain and the required User Creation Template.
  4. Use the Add Users option to enter the details, including the manager name, for each user account one after the other.
  5. Alternatively, you can import a CSV file with the list of all the users to be created along with the appropriate values for all their attributes. To specify a manager for the users, in the manager attribute column in the CSV file, specify the Distinguished Name of the required manager.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Select the required Container or create a new one using the Create New OU link.
  8. Click on create users to create the required user accounts with the appropriate managers specified for each of them.

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