Move Home Folders

Objective: To move the home folders for the specific set of users from one location to another.

Solution: ADManager Plus allows you to move the home folders of users and also modify multiple attributes of multiple user accounts through its bulk user modification options.


  1. Click on AD Mgmt.
  2. Go to User Management → Bulk User Modification → Move HomeFolders.
  3. Select the Move Home Folder To option.
  4. Select the network or shared drive to which the home folders have to be moved to.
  5. Select the Domain and OU which the required user accounts are located.
  6. Use CSV Import to specify the list of users whose home folders have to be moved. Alternatively, you can also locate the required users through the search option. To list all the users, hit search without any text in the search box.
  7. Select the required users and click Apply to move the home folders to a new location.

Note: The CSV file should contain at least one naming attribute of the user accounts mandatorily.

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