Change description of reports while exporting

Objective: To display a different description for the Active Directory reports while they are exported.

Solution: ADManager Plus allows you to provide a description that will be used specifically while exporting the reports.


  1. Click on AD Reports tab.
  2. Select the required report from the list of prebuilt Active Directory and Exchange Reports shown in the reports page.
  3. In the report page, click on the Description option located above the title of the report.
  4. Enter the required description and click on OK to save this description. This description will be used only while exporting this report.
  5. Select the required Domain and OUs.
  6. Click on Generate to generate the reports.
  7. After the reports are generated click on the Export option located above the report title.
  8. Select the required format from the options available (PDF, EXCEL, CSV, HTML, CSVDE) and save the file.

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