How to Append numbers to logon names in case of duplicates

Objective: Avoid duplicate logon names while creating new user accounts by appending a number to the logon names if the provided logon name already exists.

Solution: ADManager Plus's user creation templates provide an option that automatically appends a number to the logon names in case of duplicates.

Steps to create a user creation template

  1. Click on AD Mgmt.
  2. Go to User Management → User Template → User Creation Template.
  3. Click on Create New Template.
  4. Specify a name for this template, key in a suitable description and select the Domain in which this template will be used.
  5. In User Profile tab of the template, select the 'Automatically append numbers from' option and specify the starting number.
  6. Click on Advanced Settings, select the Logon Name attribute and click on OK.
  7. Specify the container in which the user accounts created using this template have to be located.
  8. Click on Save Template to complete the user creation process.

Note: Using the Advanced Settings link in automatically append numbers option in the user creation templates, you can avoid duplication of Full Name, SAM Account Name, Display Name, E-mail, Mail Alias, Simple Display Name and External E-mail Address as well, in addition to Logon Name.

When this template is used during the user creation process, this template will prevent duplicates in logon names by automatically appending a number to the specified logon name. To use this template for user creation:

  1. Click on AD Mgmt.
  2. Go to User Management → User Creation → Create Single User or Create Bulk Users, as required.
  3. Select the Domain and select the template that we created above using the Select Template option.
  4. Enter the values for all the required attributes for all the user accounts to be created or import this information via a CSV file.
  5. Select the required container.
  6. Click on Create Users to create all the required user accounts without any duplicated by appending the logon names with a number in case of matching entries.

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