Active Directory Management Tool

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a 100% web-based product that simplifies enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management from a central point. The ADManager Plus, with its ease-of-use, intuitive UI, eliminates the need of using command line tools, PowerShell and scripts to manage the Active Directory. It saves the administrator's time with its integrated management and reporting module.


Create and modify bulk user accounts in Windows Active Directory.

Create and delegate security roles to users, groups, and computers of the Windows domain.

Business Benefits

  • Enhances Productivity, Reduces TCO - Reduces time and effort in managing the Active Directory thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Favors standard compliant auditing - Provides comprehensive reports and has an extensive search capability.
  • Increases responsiveness to ever changing environment - Assists in easy customization of your directory properties with your business needs.
  • Access from Anywhere - The Web-based solution can be accessed from anywhere in the network.

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