How to deploy Wireless Settings to Windows 7 using Desktop Central?


This document provides you the steps required to deploy Wireless Settings to multiple computers running on Windows 7 operating system.


To deploy Wireless Settings, follow the steps given below:

Configure the Wireless Settings:

Follow the steps mentioned below to configure wireless settings on one of the workstation:

  1. Go to C drive and create a folder named "Wireless_Profile"
  2. Go to command prompt and run netsh wlan show profiles
  3. Choose the wireless profile name, that needs to be deployed to all the computers
    netsh wlan export profile name="profile_name" folder=c:\Wireless_Profile interface="Wireless Network Connection"
  4. Confirm that under c:\Wireless_Profile you have Wireless Network Connection-<profile_name>.xml file
  5. Open the Wireless Network Connection-profile_name.xml file and locate the following line
  6. Change it to <protected>false</protected>
  7. You will see the encrypted line 
  8. Change it to your key like, <keyMaterial>password of your Wireless profile</keyMaterial> . It should be like <protected>false</protected> <keyMaterial>newpassword</keyMaterial>
  9. Save the .xml file in a Network Share

Your wireless key will be in clear text and everyone who has access to the Network Share will be able to read your wireless key

Deploy it to target computers

  1. Download the attached WirelessSettings.txt file and re-name it to  WirelessSettings.bat
  2. Edit it using the notepad to update the path of the XML, which you have stored in your network share
  3. From Desktop Central web console and Click Configurations tab
  4. Click Custom Script under Computers, to create a custom script configuration
  5. Specify the name and description of the configuration
  6. Under Define Configuration, choose Network Share
  7. Upload the WirelessSettings.bat that you have modified
  8. Define the target and specify execution settings.

You have successfully deployed Wireless Settings to remote computers using Desktop Central.