How to configure ibm traveler as a profile for iOS devices?


This document will help you to configure lotus traveler profile to the managed iOS devices.


To configure the lotus traveler profile, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the MDM tab
  2. Click Create Profile
  3. Select iOS profile
  4. Enter name, description and configure the user authentication settings for profile removal.
  5. Click Continue and select Exchange ActivceSync
  6. Specify the Name of the Account
  7. Specify the Exchange ActiveSync Host name, and do suffix servlet/traveler after the server name. For example:
  8. Specify the settings like allowing to move mails, using SSL, etc
  9. Enter the name of the Domain, User display name, email address and password.
  10. Specify the number of days the mail has to be sync
  11. Choose to disable recent mail address sync
  12. Click Add Certificate to upload the identity certificate
  13. Specify if the identity certificate to become compatible with iOS 4
  14. Click Save to save the profile.
  15. Click Publish for the profile to be ready for association.

This profile is ready to be associated with devices/groups. You can select the group or the device to which you wanted to assiociate the profile and click on associate profile button to choose the profile by name.

For more information refer to this