Customer Testimonials

BMI Health Care

"Desktop Central has allowed a level of visibility across our infrastructure like never before. Through well designed modules we're able to manage, monitor, maintain and action all elements of our environment from the one console which has saved us thousands in time and resources. Having used other Desktop Management suites from competitors such as Symantec and LANDesk, Desktop Central is the only solution that doesn't require advanced SQL knowledge to proficiently report on your estate as well as being quick to setup and extremely easy to maintain, in strong contrast to other applications out there.

I would recommend Desktop Central for anyone maintaining a large enterprise estate."

Matt Rooney,
IT Desktop Manager,
BMI Healthcare, London

 Alabama Board of Nursing

"Desktop Central has helped us to manage our patch updating in a central location. As well as push out new software and hardware from one location. Yes the deployment is virtually unnoticeable to the end user and the cost per user/pc is very low. We are a small IT shop and it has automated a lot of the smaller tasks so that the staff can do other things. Cost, ease of deployment and features for the money"

Richard Pasley,
IT Systems Specialist,
Alabama Board of Nursing

Lodi Health

"Desktop Central is an invaluable tool that has become a central part of the day to day IT operations for my team. Asset Management, Patch Management, License Management are three key areas we needed a centralized tool for. Desktop Central has addressed all three of these needs and given us a tool with expanded capabilities that we can grow into. A tool like this has revolutionized our IT operational efficiency and moved us forward in a big way. Thanks for making IT easier!"

Bryan Brooks,
Technical Services Supervisor, Information Technology,
Lodi Health

Air Astana

"Desktop Central has improved the management of workstations and mobile devices in my organisation significantly. The MDM feature in particular has been very beneficial to Air Astana. We were looking for a solution that offers all these features at a good price and Desktop Central has been a suitable choice among others. In order to get started with the product, the training and user guides were also very helpful and useful."

Kirill Seleznev,
Enterprise Applications Analyst,
Air Astana

Sagicor, Jamaica

"We were looking for a solution with Remote management capabilities to manage our IT infrastructure effectively. Desktop Central has been our choice by providing us good results with absolutely simple usage and deployment."

Chike Verwey,
IT Officer,
Sagicor Group, Jamaica

EastWest Bank

"We were expanding as an organisation and Desktop central has been able to do the task of managing numerous systems efficiently. We have seen better results. It is simple to use and has got a very user-friendly interface. Anyone in my IT team can use it easily."

Deek Janoian,
Desktop Services Manager,
EastWest Bank

Kaimann GmbH

"At first, we started using Desktop Central to support our hardware and software inventory. Now, with the MDM solution offered, we have also started using it to manage our mobile devices. Desktop Central is quite simple to deploy our software to the clients. It was the best choice we could make given its price and functionalities present."

Manfred Schr鰀er,
Head of IT Department,
Kaimann GmbH

Providence St. Mary Medical Center

"One of the easiest Desktop Management Programs I have ever used. I have been a Systems Administrator for 15 years and have never used a product that is so stable and easy to use. This has saved thousands of dollars. Great products all around. We use OpManager, Service Desk Plus, and Desktop Central and all are integrated with each other in some way. Great products!"

Kyle Wilson,
Providence St. Mary Medical Center

Guaranty Bank

"We were looking for MDM features that can help us to track inventory of mobile devices, view software versions in dashboard, and more importantly it should be user friendly and cost effective. Desktop Central helped us to achieve it."

Blake Rodmeyer,
IT Manager
Guaranty Bank & Trust

Central Otago District Council

"Desktop Central has allowed my small team consisting of Jamie Cameron- Service Desk Engineer and Glenn Tetlow- Information Systems Engineer to centrally manage updates, patches, deploy new software and configurations when needed, without going to each machine. This was an important requirement when we made the decision to move away from a thin client desktop environment for performance reasons. Our desktops are all centrally supported and managed. Remote support in Desktop Central has far exceeded our expectations and makes our lives easier. The days of locally updating desktop are long gone. Additionally, with Desktop Central integrating to ServiceDesk Plus, asset management and remote support is made easier."

Nathan Mcleod,
Information Systems Manager
Central Otago District Council, New Zealand

Summerland Credit Union

"We were using WSUS and it wasn't managing all the Patches required for windows. ManageEngine Desktop Central manages ALL plus third party patches that we require. The deployment was simple when I tested with one domain, had to tweak when adding the next domain, but I've still some settings to play with to get it where it needs to be. I now no longer have to rely on end-users doing their updates. I can create and set new policies for the PCs that can be applied at any time or I can schedule the patches for after-hours with reboots as required. Desktop Central has been my final choice because of its simplicity and it's very cost effective for what it is capable of doing."

Jim Locke,
Network Administrator
Summerland Credit Union

Good Will-Hinckley

"As the sole IT person for our school, time is something I just can not waste. The amazing set of tools in Desktop Central have saved me countless hours and days of software configuration and installation as well as allowing me to help people even faster because of the remote access capabilities. It really has lived up to my expectations!"

Luke Schaedle,
Director of Information Technology
Good Will-Hinckley

ELIS Consortium

"Desktop Central saves a lot of my time. The initial setup was very rapid. The only time it consumes is to read and check installation reports. In particular, I find the 3rd party application patch management and OS patch management to be fantastic tools. There are a lot of features and they are clear and very simple to use. My experience with Desktop Central has prompted me to renew my license now."

Piero Bacarella,
Senior Systems Engineer
CONSEL (ELIS Consortium)

BlueWater Resort & Casino

"ManageEngine Desktop Central is a product that combines many facets of IT management and combines it into a simply to use single product.  Not only does Desktop Central save time and effort but also saves costs by putting many of the tools that make IT life easier in one place and automates inventory management."

Ronald Welch,
Director of Information Technology
BlueWater Resort & Casino


Richmond Association of REALTORS

"Desktop Central has helped us to simplify pushing Microsoft Updates rather than using MS SMS 2003. It also helped us to have the asset information at one place using its light-weight agent. Desktop Central deployment was simple and cost-effective compared to other software such as the Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and LANDesk. I can now find my assets easily using the remote client. Cost and ease of use had made Desktop Central as our final choice compared to other competing products. I do not require additional staff to manager Desktop Central"

Colin Woon-Fat,
IT Supervisor,
Levitt-Safety Limited


Governer's Office, LA

"Within Desktop Central, the Louisiana Governor's Office utilizes auto-patch deployment, inventory, and computer configurations such as monthly defragmentation schedules.

After placing many of calls to Desktop Central's support line, I have found their staff to be friendly and very quick to respond the needs of their customers. Not only has the Desktop Central team solved issues within the software but when a feature was needed, they were quick to add that feature. I have never had software developers respond in this manner. I would recommend and have recommended this product to many other Network Administrators. Thank you Desktop Central"

Jerry Wade,
Governor's Office, LA,
Computer Support, PSA


Patrick Brown, Empower MediaMarketing

"Our biggest challenge was going to every machine in the company to run updates. Desktop Central has become a great tool that saves us and our users lots of time and has helped decrease the helpdesk tickets. It has allowed us to keep track of the latest patches by pushing them out to each machine automatically. I had tested almost nine other pieces of software. Desktop Central was the easiest to use and well worth the money. I don't have to worry about patches anymore."

Patrick Brown,
IT Support Specialist, Empower MediaMarketing


Certis Europe B.V.

"Desktop Central has worked very well for us. The initial setup in defining the scope of management was simple and easy. It allows selecting specific computers to be managed or the entire domain/OU/Workgroup computers without any hassle. We use the Software Deployment feature very often to roll out remote software installations to multiple computers. It has saved us a lot of time and effort. Another important function that we use regularly is to retrieve the details of the software installed in the managed PCs. This helps us to keep track of the licenses of the commercial software and to be compliant. Lastly, support is outstanding, technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and the few times I required a patch it was available next day. Really GREAT!"

Michel Sargentini,
ICT Help Desk,
Certis Europe B.V.


Old Mutual

"We have desktops in the same LAN as well as several affiliate offices. Desktop Central has saved us so many hours that we would needed otherwise in managing them. The ability to report and manage per domain instead of all together, patching and inventory reporting features are the ones that impressed us most. We love this product and would highly recommend this to other organizations even if they are using Windows SUS for patching this product is so much better."

Louis Valentino,
OMAM Infrastructure IT Operations
Old Mutual


SBI - Omaha

"Desktop Central helped us handle a whole bundle of desktop management issues that we were facing previously. With Desktop Central we now have up-to-date information about patches and inventory on our systems and are able to carry out tasks like defrag globally. The ability to view the details of all desktops including usernames irrespective of their presence in WAN/LAN is of tremendous help to our organization."

Geoff Merrill,
IT Specialist
Sheppard's Business Interiors(SBI) - Omaha


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

"I was looking for a solution for centralized deployment of software packages. With Desktop Central, I don't have to run around to install software locally which saves me an awful amount of time. Furthermore, DC gives me a centralized place for a lot of domain info as well, of course that info is available with other (free) tools but it's nice to have most of it in one single place. I was really impressed with the easy setup and deployment, I was able to install DC, configure it, configure the domain and agents and push a first small software package in less than an hour. The only logical choice was to order desktop central because it covers all my needs at this time."

Sven Reyniers,
System Engineer,
Vrije Universiteit Brussel,
Department ELEC


Innovations Abound

"I am very happy with Desktop Central. The configuration list (printer, firewall, scripts, etc.) helped me to standardize my network desktops. Patch Management helped me to deploy all the missing patches in all the desktops at one shot. Now, my desktops have up-to-date patches installed and are more secure. It is integrated Desktop Management software at an affordable price. Overall it is very easy to use and the web interface allows access from anywhere in the network."

Daniel Primus,
Innovations Abound


Dymin Systems

"ManageEngine Desktop Central has made the management of our network much easier with the ability to automate patches for third party software. Deployment is very simple and easy to set up. The fact that it does many of the everyday administration tasks from one central location and is web browser based.

Happier employees with the newest software on their systems so they don't get constant requests to update software that they don't have permissions to install on the domain.  Production has gone up from employees and free up administration time for use in other areas of our network." 

William J. Stasak,
Vice President,
Dymin Systems, Inc, IA., USA


NSP Networks

"Our need was to deploy some applications, settings, configurations, etc., to all of computers in our network. We have AD, and GPO. It was more complicated and sometimes deployment did not work exactly. Desktop Central has helped us to deploy such needs easily and in a more flexible way. Besides the benefit I mentioned above, in fact, we have Service Desk Plus installed in our environment, and well integrated with Desktop Central, that is one of the main reasons for our choice.

Overall, Desktop Central is a very light, ease to use, flexible and quite simple for all deployments.." 

Bin Ngo,
NamConSon Pileline Co, Vietnam



"Using ManageEngine Desktop Central has been simple and cost effective. It helped us to deploy critical patches effectively and efficiently. Our Desktops are more secure now. We choose Desktop Central since it was very simple and cost effective" 

Joel Clyburn,
Systems Administrator,
ArdentMC, VA., USA


The Arc of Ventura County

"I have been using DC for over a year now to manage over 200 computer and over 25 mobile devices. I can't tell you the time and effort it has taken off my plate to manage computers on our network. We don't have to leave our chair to deploy patches, install software or remotely manage a machine and troubleshoot an issue.

Our MDM gives us the ability to push out applications to all of our iPhone's and iPads. We are also able to setup profiles on each of these devices so we can securely use them out in the field." 

Andy Mack,
Director of Information Technology,
The Arc of Ventura County, C.A., USA


Dallas County Hospital

"Prior to using Desktop Central, I went around to every workstation to locally update third-party programs such as Adobe and Java on a regular basis. This was a huge waste of time and proved itself to be inefficient. Desktop Central allowed me to not only push out patches automatically but gave me the option to deploy new software when needed. Our workstations are now centrally managed and are up to date with software patches. Desktop Central has far exceeded my expectations and makes my life easier. The days of locally updating workstations are long gone." 

Jake Wendler,
IT Manager,
Dallas County Hospital, Perry, Iowa


Sligro Food Group

"We are using Desktop Central for a year now. We bought the program to get better control of all our hard- and software. Besides that, we intended to look at the program to deploy software. Now, one year later we're using the program very much, but for far more than the first intentions. 

At this moment we got a clear sight on which devices are running in which location. Also the enormous number of software and versions can help us to create standards for our total ICT environment.  The possibilities of the program are far more than we expected in the first place.  At this moment we're running a huge migration of the Microsoft Office suite. With the help of Desktop Central and the possibility to configure a software metering we can plan carefully the migration at the right time and on the desired locations. 

We have, based on the experience thus far, a lot of plans to use the Desktop Central program more and more.  The possibilities of the program are great and when we have a problem with configuration the support of the team is very good and quick." 

Frank Nijenboer,
Solutions Consultant,
ICT Beheer - solutions,
Sligro Food Group Nederland B.V


The Community Mutual Group

"At CMG, we use a number of ManageEngine products to good effect as part of our daily operational support activities. By regularly applying the updates and upgrades to our ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central products. We have a platform that not only supports traditional service desk and desktop management functions but also provides features such as change management, problem management and purchase ordering all in a single platform. It integrates well with our standard SQL and mail products to provide good workflow capability.

The products are reliable, rich in features and represent good value for money for our organization."

Rob Hale,
Chief Information Officer,
The Community Mutual Group, Australia



"Desktop Central turned our work to be very simple and easy!..."

Yehia Al Sheikh,
MIS Manager, OCP, ITIL,
Modern Arab Contracting Trading & Co.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Free Life

"I have used many well-known systems management software packages, but Desktop Central has far exceeded my expectations with its ease of use and rich features at price point that抯 tough to beat!..."

Josh Griffith,
Sr. Systems Administrator, IT Infrastructure Team,
FreeLife International, Arizona, USA


Robert Bird

"Desktop Central has been a great implementation in our business. Running it for 4 years now, our system administrators are able to grab info on each workstation quickly through inventory and it's also been central to software deployments to our workstations, both software we deploy and being able to rely on Windows Updates through it. Having offices in each major city nationwide we can confidently manage everything remotely. Without this product we would have wasted hours of work on the simplest task. We haven't even scratched the surface on what this software offers..."

Matt Napper,
National IT Manager,
Robert Bird Group, Brisbane, Australia


Plan UK

"We had a general lack of resource and found Software deployment and desktop management to be very time consuming. Desktop central has managed to greatly simplify this process. Deploying Desktop Central was really quick and easy. It was competitively priced, and we found it to be the simplest and most effective desktop management tool that we have ever used."

Tarik Hasan,
System Support Manager,
Plan UK



Hallmark Channel

" Desktop Central is user friendly, convenient and a time saver. It is like a one-stop shop where everything is located at a central location. Whether it be a software update or managing inventory, everything seems only a click away. The "active directory" management is quite simplified, where you can manage multiple accounts in one shot.

All in All, I love to use your products. Thank You. "

Hemani Bhardwaj,
IT Coordinator,
Crown Media


Village of Plainfield

"Thanks to Desktop Central, we are faster and more reliable when installing the computer. Our IT has more control over the installed patches. And thus we save time and money, in order to focus on our core business.

Integration with ServiceDesk Plus is very helpful for us. We now have everything from one vendor.

Desktop Central is a very valuable tool for us."

Patrick Schmid ,
Manager IT,
SSBL (Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte Luzern), Switzerland


Village of Plainfield

" Desktop Central is an invaluable part of my day to day operations.  I am able to manage two locations with ease and I can be confident that all systems are up to date with security patches.  I get a great view of the hardware and software inventory of my systems and the remote control application lets me manage most issues without leaving my desk.  On the rare occasion when I need technical support, the Desktop Central team responds promptly and courteously.  Desktop Central is one of those few products that make my job a little bit easier and I am grateful that I purchased it. "

Rick Kaczanko,
IT Coordinator,
Village of Plainfield IL


The GBS Group

" I have been using ManageEngine Desktop Central for a couple of years now and have been very satisfied and happy this tool. The most important part of Desktop Central for me is the amazing work I can accomplish with patches and software updates with remote computers. Our company has 3 offices and work in 8 states, and I am always confident that I have a single source for updated information on users assets configurations. Desktop Central is an important tool in my administration tools box! "

Juan Fernandez,
Corporate IT Infrastructure and Support,
The GBS Group


Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen

" Desktop Central gives us the ability to stay on top of our local and remote systems, deploy new software and keep everything up to date, and remote access all in one package for a good price. "

Adam Benn,
Systems Administrator,
Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen


Pekin Hospital

"We've been using Desktop Central (as well as Service Desk Plus and OpManager) from ManageEngine for some time now and have been very satisfied with it. There are a lot of other products out there like Desktop Central, but so far Desktop Central has proven to be a good fit for us, as well as being very competitively priced. We use Desktop Central to keep all of our workstations and servers up-to-date with Microsoft service packs, patches and updates. We also push our main hospital application installations and updates out using Desktop Central.

Now, we've even been able to put together our own custom scripts and update processes and push those out with Desktop Central. Along with Service Desk Plus and Op Manager, adding Desktop Central to our mix of administrative applications has helped our small IT team get control over our workstations and has saved us countless hours of time that would have been spent administering them manually."

Dan Tharp,
IT Director ,
Pekin Hospital


Goodman Europe

"We have been using Desktop Central for a little over 13 months now, and have found it to be an invaluable tool throughout. We can see at a glance what state the nodes are in, as well as make configuration changes, push updates, inventories and install software. One of our first initiatives was to push out Windows XP Pro SP3, which using Desktop Central was made very simple. The whole procedure was painless, and worked first time every time.

We have just extended our licence agreement for the product, and we are very happy to have done so. The sales team have been helpful every step of the way, and where we have had issue in getting what we want out of the tool, the forums and support online have been invaluable. As a company, Goodman Europe hope to have a long and happy relationship with ManageEngine and Desktop Central!".

Barry Goldsworthy,
Field Operations Engineer – UK,
Goodman Group Ltd.


Les Neely, Upward Sports

"We have been using Desktop Central(DC) in combination with Service Desk Plus for over a year now. The use of DC has allowed me to do the job of many employees thus saving us money. I push updates to local and remote employees as well as complete new installs of applications. When there has been vulnerabilities that have surfaced I have been able to quickly deploy the patch across our organization. I go home many nights while DC is doing my work for me. DC has become one of our best IT employee! "

Les Neely,
Upward Sports


Alex Walker, Cetero Research

"Desktop Central allows us to resolve computing issues by establishing a remote connection to a desktop, and, seeing the desktop screen as if they were physically seated at the user's desk, inventory the software that is installed; and remove or add programs, including patches and service packs."

Alex Walker,
Director of IT, Cetero Research


Brent Buzbee, USA Volleyball

"The biggest challenge we faced is keeping patches for Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Java up-to-date.  Our network policy does not allow users to install updates on their workstation and we had not found a simple and effective product until finding Desktop Central.  Microsoft patches do auto-deploy to our workstations, but we had no way of verification to ensure they installed.  Desktop Central has help us by eliminating the need for manual patching of Reader, Acrobat and Java, and enables us to address any problem with Microsoft patch installs.  The labor savings will be a plus, and the user will be happy not to have to report missing patches."

Brent Buzbee,
Technology Director, USA Volleyball


YKK Snap Fasteners America

" Desktop Central has allowed me to finally get and maintain control of our corporate Windows machines. Trying to keep some 200 Desktops and 50 laptops fully patched and secured in the past has been a nightmare at best. Now it's a snap. Desktop Central was easy to install and configure and most importantly it's a breeze to use.

For the first time in 20 years that I have worked here, ALL of my machines are now fully patched and secured.

Great Software, Super Support. Keep up the good work folks."

DK Duvall,
Systems / Network Administrator
YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc.


Richmond Association of REALTORS

" Third party updates Adobe, Java etc.. were a huge pain. It was a constant battle to update and you always miss a machine here or there. Desktop Central has made my life easier by automating this for me. Now that 3rd party patching is automated, I have more time to troubleshoot other network issues. Deployment was relatively simple and the solution is cost-effective. The additional functionality it offers at this price over the other patching solutions in the market made us choose Desktop Central "

Network Administrator,
Richmond Association of REALTORS®


Evander Glazing and Locks

"Desktop central has allowed us to move towards our goal of a centralised application to cover off IT Support activities. The deployment was really simple with no real issues. We use it mainly for the integration with ServiceDesk Plus and the reports it provide for our ISO implementation."

Keith Henning,
Business Support,
Evander Glazing and Locks


Bank of Holden

"We at the Bank of Holden have met patch management and secured controls required for Federal Compliance by implementing ManageEngine Desktop Central. Our workstations are now more organized, manageable, and secure than we could have ever imagined possible."

Steven Deines,
Bank of Holden


 Gerab National Enterprises

"We have more than 250 users with 7 branches; It was a difficult task to support those users desktop by a limited number of technicians; Using Desktop Central it has become easy to support the users through out head office and branches for trouble shooting or software installation- it is like instant support to the users which helped our IT department keeping our users smiling .Now we can support our users instantly wherever they are in Head office, branch office or in roaming.

Keeping inventory of IT hardware and software has become simple using Desktop Central; More over for running training session to our users now we need not to call users to join in conference room - just share the trainer's desktop using Desktop Central- it has become too easy. Lastly, support from desktop central support team is outstanding. Really GREAT JOB – Nothing is impossible!"

Gerab National Enterprises


The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL)

"I use the Patch Management feature of Desktop Central very frequently. It helps me to easily identify and install the missing patches in all the computers in my network. Now, my desktops have up-to-date patches installed and are more secure. Thank you Desktop Central"

Joshua D. Dooley,
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory,
The University of Georgia


 Institute for Safe Medication Practices

"Deploying Desktop Central has made my life easier with regards to managing the computer assets including the servers.  The Patch management has eliminated the need for WSUS.  With its many tools (configurations), I can enforce a plethora of company policies regarding IT.  The overall result is time saved in managing computers and easy access to reports that my boss may ask for from time to time.  I spend far less time keeping the inventory up-to-date since those agents do a lot of the work for me."

William R. Cunningham,
Systems Administrator,


Comercial Kywi. S.A

"We needed an application that allows us to distribute patches for windows without the hassle of Windows Update. It took us close to 1 day to install the Desktop Central Agent in about 250 PCs located in 15 different locations. I decided for Desktop Central because it was the only one solution that offered me a fully functional trial with the correct support that helped me with all the problems and doubts during the trial. Patching Windows machines is now so much simpler and of course we get to know a whole bunch of information from the Asset Reports."

Santiago Avila,
IT Manager,
Comercial Kywi. S.A,.


Kalihi YMCA

"We need to operate from our Remote offices and have no time to get out to those offices to admin the PCs. With Desktop Central Remote Office management is a breeze, demanding less admin time. ManageEngine products itself tend to be well up kept with problems and issues fixed quickly. If you give them a little time they will fix your issue and give you a few pretty bells and whistles to boot!"

Keoki Malott,
System Admin,
Kalihi YMCA


Vestjysk EDB Center Aps

"Installing software from central position is a real boon for us . The assistance we got from the support staff, the demo and the videos made Desktop Management simply easy. Our computers are now more up to date than ever and we have the central view to see, if there are problems."

Christian Christensen,
IT Consultant,
Vestjysk EDB Center Aps


Deans & Homer

"My hope was to remotely manage about 100 desktops in a LAN/WAN network. Desktop Central was an inexpensive way to try out remote management."

Gary Steadman,
Deans & Homer