Customer Success Stories

Bonita, Tom Tailor Group


Bonita, a leading fashion and lifestyle company in Germany uses OpManager to manage the network devices in their fully automated warehouse.

Pattberg, Senior Manager of Information Technology said “The price- performance ratio and the intuitive operation of the OpManager impressed compared to other providers. The OpManager is for us as the cockpit for a pilot. Without the information of OpManager, the 40 employees of data center operations and user helpdesk and SAP administration and SAP process design will turn blind.

Thorp Reed & Armstrong, LLP


Thorp Reed’s gradual expansion to the three locations and the resulting addition of networking and server hardware required a monitoring and management solution that could sit at headquarters and tell the IT team what is happening across the whole network.

Randy, Senior System Administrator at Thorp Reed & Armstrong, said "you can’t put a price on the reliability that OpManager has on the alerting capability. I gave that one example, but we’ve had many examples where we’ve had services go down where OpManager has given us the heads–up".

Fiserv Credit Union Division

Network Management Team

Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division, a renowned comprehensive solutions providers for financial units, uses OpManager for WAN management. Galaxy’s Network Management team chose ManageEngine OpManager to monitor WAN links and critical network services to alert immediately on any service degradations or link outages.

Caria Little, Network Support Supervisor said "We use OpManager to poll all the credit unions and monitor all the routers, circuits etc. Whenever a circuit looses connectivity on the interfaces, OpManager shoots an email alert to us on the connectivity loss instantly with relevant details. Further, we monitor our Exchange server, and critical file servers over the WAN and the response time of the other servers as well."

ERP Suites LLC


ERP Suites, established in 2006, is a company with professional expertise in data center operations, JD Edwards Consulting, and Disaster Recovery. The company provides highly personalized, industrial-strength solutions for the world's most demanding business applications and infrastructures.

ERP Suites implemented ManageEngine OpManager for robust, proactive monitoring of the hundreds of Windows, Linux and VMware servers and network devices in their Data center at Loveland, Ohio.

Roumen Ivanov, Senior System Administrator said "Most of the products in the market today are very expensive for the features they offer… Alternatively, products like Nagios or MRTG don't provide complete features to identify bottlenecks. OpManager shows clearly what went wrong and where the problem lies."

Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

Andrew Harkins,
Network Operations Team
ManageEngine's BEST NETWORK DESIGN AWARD Winner 2008

"Manageengine has been a great company to work with. Problem resolution has been very quick and professional, and the steady flow of new features has made the software a great investment for us

OpManager and Netflow have made a huge difference to our Network and Systems teams. Before we brought the Manageengine, we were using a number of different monitoring systems depending on the type and brand of equipment being monitored. Obviously this made it difficult to understand large issues that involved multiple systems spread across multiple monitoring systems. Now we have a single application that monitors nearly any piece of equipment we have on our network."

Universitas 21 Global

Paul Chan
Infrastructure &
Operations Manager

The world's premier online Graduate School, Universitas 21 Global, uses ManageEngine OpManager for proactively monitoring its network infrastructure.

Paul Chan chose ManageEngine OpManager to proactively monitor the infrastructure and maintains a robust preemptive strategy with regards to hardware failure and network outages.

" Since moving to OpManager, reboots, hangs and crashes have reduced so significantly that we now no longer experience such unplanned outages. "

About Universitas 21 Global

Universitas 21 is an international network of 20 leading research-intensive universities in eleven countries.The network's purpose is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the member universities and to create opportunities for them on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve operating independently or through traditional bilateral alliances.

Brian Blanchard,
Chief Operations Officer

"Prior to the implementation of your software, I had to constantly pull one or more software developers off of projects with high ROI to pinpoint issues related to slowing performance on production programs.

In the 9 months since I implemented OpManager, this has been reduced drastically. We can now monitor and record true performance benchmarks on our production servers, over multiple time frames. This benchmarking has allowed us to set notices for unusual performance and pinpoint when the deviation began. This allows us lead time to address performance issues before the customer ever notices them.

" I have reduced 15% waste of development time by 90%. Now less than 2% of my developer time is lost to emergency repair of performance issues. "