Agent Installation - Install Device Control Plus Agent using SCCM

How do I install agents in endpoints using SCCM?

To install Device Control Plus agents using SCCM, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Device Control Plus console --> Agent and click 'Download Agent.'
  2. Open the downloaded zip folder and copy the files DeviceControlPlusAgent.msi and SMPAgentServerInfo.json.
  3. Create a shared folder and assign it the name "DCPAgent." Paste the .msi and .json files from step 2 into this shared folder.
  4. Download this batch file and place it in the shared folder "DCPAgent".
  5. Open System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and navigate to Software Library --> Overview--> Application Management -->Packages.
  6. Right click on Packages and select 'Create Packages.'
  7. The 'Create Package and Program Wizard,' will open. Fill in the information (Name, Description, Manufacturer, etc).
  8. Tick the checkbox "This package contains source files" and click "Browse". Select Network path and enter the path of  the shared folder (DCPAgent) as shown below.
  9. sccm-agent-install

  10. Select Architecture as "x86" and click Next.
  11. sccm-agent-install

  12. Select Program Type as Standard Program and click Next.
  13. sccm-agent-install

  14. In the 'Specify information about this standard program' section, fill in the information as shown and click Next.
  15. sccm-agent-install


  16. No changes are required in the section, "Specify the requirements for this standard program". Click Next.
  17. sccm-agent-install

  18. Confirm the settings and click Next.
  19. sccm-agent-install

  20. The package will be successfully created.
  21. sccm-agent-install

  22. Deploy the package to the computers.

You have now successfully installed agents in target endpoints using SCCM.