How to get Device instance path for removable devices?

Every USB device has a unique ID. This ID is assigned to devices by the system to identify them easily. You can identify the Device Instance ID of a Device by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Search for Device Manager in control panel.
  2. device-instance-path

  3. From the list of devices, expand the list of devices for which you want to obtain the device instance path.
  4. (For example : if you want to identify the Device Instance ID of a mobile phone that you have connected to the computer, expand portable devices and follow the next step.)


  5. Right click on the device type and click properties.
  6. device-instance-path

  7. Click on the Details tab.
  8. device-instance-path

  9. In the drop-down box, select Device Instance ID or Device Instance Path (Refer to the figure below)
  10. You can now view and copy the Device Instance ID for a specific device.