Proxy Server Log Monitoring and Reporting Software
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Note: This software is meant for enterprise IT and not recommended for home/personal use.

Firewall Analyzer - Firewall Log Analytics and Configuration Management software
Firewall Analyzer - Change Management
Firewall Analyzer - Internet User Activity
Firewall Security Management - Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is a proxy server log analysis and reporting software. It collects and archives the logs obtained from network proxies, analyzes them, and generates useful corporate Internet access information reports.

Firewall Analyzer supports most of the widely available proxy server logs like Squid Proxy, Blue Coat, etc.


" Firewall Analyzer is an invaluable tool for us. It has helped us with troubleshooting firewall issues, allowed us to view top hosts and their conversations, allowed us to view the top destinations so that we can report on what the majority of our employees are really doing on the internet. "

- Sherri Adams, Network Administrator, Lake Health

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