1. What is the difference between the Free and Professional Editions?

    The Free Edition of EventLog Analyzer is limited to handling event logs from a maximum of five hosts, whereas the Professional Edition can handle event logs from an unlimited number of hosts. There is no other difference between the two editions, with respect to features or functionality.

  2. Does the trial version have any restrictions?

    The trial version is a fully functional version of EventLog Analyzer Premium Edition. When the trial period expires, EventLog Analyzer automatically reverts to the Free Edition.

  3. Do I have to reinstall EventLog Analyzer when moving to the paid version?

    No, you do not have to reinstall or shut down the server. You just need to enter the new license file in the Upgrade License box.

  4. How many users can access the application simultaneously?

    This depends only on the capacity of the server on which EventLog Analyzer is installed. The EventLog Analyzer license does not limit the number of users accessing the application at any time.

  5. EventLog Analyzer runs in a web browser. Does that mean I can access it from anywhere?

    Yes. As long as the web browser can access the server on which EventLog Analyzer is running, you can work with EventLog Analyzer from any location.

  6. Am I eligible for technical support during evaluation?

    Yes absolutely. Install a 30-day trial version and register yourself during installation to avail free technical support during evaluation. For technical support contact eventlog-support@manageengine.com.

  7. How is EventLog Analyzer licensed?

    EventLog Analyzer is licensed based on number hosts or applications.Host means any server or device like switch, router etc., with a Syslog source or Windows Event Log source.
    Application means EventLog Analyzer supported application. If you want to monitor a number of applications residing in a single machine, each application is considered as one unit of application license.

  8. How do I buy EventLog Analyzer?

    You can buy EventLog Analyzer directly from the ManageEngine Online Store, or from a reseller near your location.

  9. Does upgrading to a newer EventLog Analyzer version cost me?

    No. Upgrading to a newer EventLog Analyzer version doesn't cost you. However, you need to have Annual Subscription License .

  10. Can I install EventLog Analyzer in Linux machine? Is there any limitations?

    Yes you can install EventLog Analyzer in Linux machine. But WMI interface doesn't work with a Linux installation. However there is a work around. You can install a open source log forwarder like SNARE, to forward your Windows event log to the Linux server. For more clarification,watch our video on forwarding event logs to Linux EventLog Analyzer server through SNARE.