Supports Log Processing in Native Language

EventLog Analyzer supports log analysis in native language. This server side localization permits processing of logs in any language. Often, most of the application offer superficial internalization, which just changes the client display in different languages. But, EventLog Analyzer proceeded a step further and supports log processing in any language. The tough part is to make the application understand the logs in different languages and process it. All the aspects of log analysis needs to be taken care. It needs to be parsed, filtered, stored in the database, generate reports and alerts for logs in any language.

Internalization Support

Apart from native language log processing, EventLog Analyzer provides versatile, default, full scale internationalization support in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean

At the time of installation you can opt for Advanced Installation and select the language provided in the list.

It is also easy to get internalization for your required language by adding appropriate properties file and little bit of customization.