WNS(Windows Notification Service) is not reachable


Trying to reach a managed mobile device, fails and you get the error message "WNS is not reachable"


This could happen due to various reasons such as 

  • Port Blocked
  • Proxy not configured


Port Blocked:

Ensure that the following ports are open on the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP proxy/firewall:

TCP port # 443 should be opened, this will allow the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP Server to communicate with WNS.
Ensure that the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server has permission to reach https://login.live.com & https://*.notify.windows.com

Proxy Not Configured:

If the network in which Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server is installed has a proxy, ensure that the proxy settings are configured. Verify the user name and the password for proxy authentication, so that the server can reach WNS.

Applies to: Scanning the mobile device, Distributing Apps, Associating Profiles

Keywords: MDM scanning, Associating profiles, WNS, Mobile Device Management.