How to block explicit/erotic content on the user's mobile devices?


The admin wants to restrict the mobile devices in the organization from accessing explicit content on their mobile devices.


Mobile Device manager plus allows the admin to block explicit and erotic content on devices using Web Content Filtering for iOS devices and by setting up a Global HTTP proxy in case of Android devices.

Follow the steps given below to enable Web Content Filtering for iOS devices:

  1. Navigate to Profiles from Device Management
  2. Create an iOS profile
  3. Click on Web Content Filter, and enable Blacklist option. Then, select Automatically restrict inappropriate content.
  4. Publish and distribute this profile to the devices

This will completely block the access to explicit content on the browsers in the mobile devices. There might be cases where a few apps which don't make use of the browser may access these content and to restrict these apps, we can configure a Global HTTP Proxy. Follow the steps given here to enable Global HTTP Proxy for both iOS and Android devices.