How to make Mobile Device Manager Plus Server use a specific IP Address, if the computer has multiple NICs?

If the machine running Mobile Device Manager(MDM) has multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs) and if you want to restrict the MDM Server communication to a specific IP address, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop your MDM Server.
  2. Navigate to <MDM_Install_Dir>\conf  and open the wrapper-user.conf file.
  3. Remove the # sign before"n.n.n.n".
  4. Replace n.n.n.n in the above line with the IP address to which the application has to be bound.
  5. Delete the next line containing
  6. Open the websettings.conf file located in <MDM_Install_Dir>\conf.
  7. Modify this file(by either pressing the space bar or the Enter key). Save the file now.
  8. Start your MDM server.


If you have already enrolled any devices, they will be unmanaged and you have to re-enroll these devices.