How to choose enrollment techniques for your organization? 


In Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, there are several enrollment techniques to meet the various needs of organizations. 


Following scenarios will help you choose the most suitable enrollment technique for your corporate environment.


  1. If an organization has the following requirements, make use of Enrollment with invites.
    1. It does not have an Active Directory account configured.
    2. Only a restricted subset of users have access to the corporate network and only these users have to enroll their devices.
    3. Contract employees, who are not present in the Active Directory are a part of the organization. Therefore a request must be sent for enrolling devices.
    4. Evaluators assess products before an organization purchases products. For an evaluator, this is a fuss free enrollment technique.

    NOTE: It is a tedious task to send out invitations to all the employees in an organization. Therefore, Bulk Enrollment can be used to send invites to multiple devices simultaneously. 

For Corporate Devices:
  1. For iOS devices,
    1. If a device is enrolled using Apple's Device Enrollment Program, the device will never go unmanaged even if it is factory reset. Therefore, if an organization does not want the profiles applied to the devices to be removed or the device to be unmanaged by the user, then they can make use of this enrollment technique. Follow these steps to use Apple DEP to enroll devices.
    2. DEP is available in a few countries, and if DEP is not available in your country make use of Apple Configurator to enroll devices. Configure and use Apple Configurator by following these steps.

    For the list of countries where DEP is supported, refer this

  2. For Android devices,
    1. Samsung Knox Device Enrollment can be used to enroll Samsung Knox devices if the organization does not want the device to go unmanaged even when it is factory reset. The device enrolled using this enrollment method will never go unmanaged. Here are the prerequisites and steps for enrolling devices using Samsung Knox Enrollment.
    2. If the devices are not Samsung KNOX devices but support NFC, use NFC enrollment to enroll the devices. Follow these steps to enroll devices using NFC.

    For the list of Samsung Knox devices supported, refer this

  3. For Windows devices,
      1. If the organization has Windows 10 devices like desktop/laptops, surface pro or mobiles , then these devices can be enrolled using Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD).

    Here are the steps to enroll devices using Windows ICD.

To select enrollment techniques based on the features required, click here.