Integration with Service Desk Plus' CMDB

Key Manager Plus provides the option to integrate with ManageEngine Service Desk Plus' CMDB. This integration enables you to export SSL certificate details from KMP's repository to Service Desk Plus' CMDB thereby allowing administrators to monitor the usage, expiry and other aspects of SSL certificate life-cycle management across the organization from Service Desk Plus interface. 

How does this integration work?

To export SSL certificates from Key Manager Plus to Service Desk Plus' (SDP) CMDB, you have to provide the server details where SDP instance is running and the user account details (technician key). Once the integration takes effect, a new parent CI type and a corresponding child CI type will be created in Service Desk Plus which will house all the certificates exported from KMP's repository. You can also export SSL certificates from Key Manager Plus into an already existing CI type in SDP by appropriately mapping the certificate attributes to that of the existing CI. Exporting certificates into CMDB renders visibility over SSL environment and allows administrators manage all IT assets from a single, central repository.

Creating CI type in Service Desk Plus' CMDB 

To integrate Key Manager Plus with SDP's CMDB, you have to initially create a new CI type in SDP's CMDB or use an already existing CI type in SDP's CMDB to export certificates from Key Manager Plus' repository.


Enabling certificate sync

To enable certificate synchronization with SDP's CMDB, 

In addition, you can choose to sync certificates manually whenever you want. 


Deleting certificates from CMDB

Similarly, when you delete unwanted certificates from Key Manager Plus' repository, the certificate gets deleted from SDP's CMDB also.