Manage Key Store


Key Manager Plus provides a secure repository for the storage of any digital key, to secure and centralize their management. You can add keys with detailed description of their usage instances. This helps search and locate a key faster.

You can store any key file securely in the Key Manager Plus repository from the Key Store tab. From here, you can also edit the key details, update key file, keep track of previous versions of the key, store them in an organized manner, or export the keys, or previous versions to your system or mail address.


Add key

To import a key file to the Key Manager Plus repository:

The key is enumerated in the Key Store tab. You can drill down to the contents of the key file by clicking the name of the key.

Administrator users have the special privilege to view the passphrases of keys enumerated in the keystore tab.

To view the passphrase,

Click on the show passphrase icon ( ) provided at the right end of the keys.


Export key

To export a key:

Alternatively, you can also click the name of the key and, from the Key Content window, you can export the key file to your system, or send the file to multiple email addresses.


Update key

To update an existing key:

Even after you update a key file, it's previous version can be accessed from Key Manager Plus, to access previously encrypted servers, or for disaster recovery.


Export previous version of a key file

To view the previous versions of a key, click the Key Version icon against it. In the Key Version History window, click the Version number to view the contents of a previous version.

To export a previous version of an updated key:


Delete key(s)

To delete key files: