Integration with GoDaddy SSL


Key Manager Plus facilitates integration with GoDaddy SSL certificate authority (CA) and helps you achieve an end-to-end life cycle management of GoDaddy certificates installed on your domains from a single interface. This document discusses the steps you should follow to establish connection with your GoDaddy account, acquire, deploy, renew and perform all certificate management related operations from Key Manager Plus.

Before you proceed with the integration, complete the following step as a prerequisite:


Add the following base URL and port as an exception in your firewall or proxy to ensure Key Manager Plus is able to connect to GoDaddy's CA Services.
Port: 443

Follow the step-by-step procedure below to integrate GoDaddy with Key Manager Plus:


1. Configure GoDaddy API Credentials in Key Manager Plus

To begin managing lifecycles of certificates issued by GoDaddy CA from Key Manager Plus, you have to initially set up connection with your GoDaddy account by providing your API key details generated from the website. To generate your API key,


2. Place a Certificate Order

After setting up the account, you need to acquire SSL certificates from GoDaddy before placing a certificate order from Key Manager Plus.

Note: When raising certificate requests from Key Manager Plus, you can only raise as many requests as the number of set-up certificates purchased from GoDaddy.


3. Domain Validation through Challenge Verification

Once you have placed the certificate order, you need to validate your ownership of the domain by fulfilling certain challenges put forth by GoDaddy CA. The challenge IDs are mailed to requester's as well as the domain administrator's email ids. To prove your ownership of the domain and acquire the SSL certificate,


4. Certificate Issue

After performing the operations on your domain server and submitting for domain validation, navigate to Key Manager Plus server and click Check certificate availability icon beside the corresponding certificate request. If your domain verification is successful, GoDaddy issues the certificate which is fetched by Key Manager Plus and is added to the centralized certificate repository. 

Note: The certificate is automatically added to Key Manager Plus repository, only if you have the required license count. If not, renew your Key Manager Plus license and then attempt to add the issued certificate to the repository.


5. Renew, revoke and delete certificates

You can renew, revoke or request reissue for certificates or cancel certificate orders from Key Manager Plus.

To renew a certificate,

To request for a certificate reissue,

To revoke a certificate,

Note: Revoking a certificate will remove the certificate as well as the corresponding SSL bought from GoDaddy website, and you won't be able to request another certificate for the same SSL. So, it's advised to use 'Reissue' instead of 'Revoke'.

To delete a certificate request,

To cancel a certificate order,