Software Deployment failure - The handle is invalid


You are unable to perform software installation and you get an error message -"The handle is invalid" during the process.


The Desktop Central MSP Application will throw "The handle is invalid" error during Software Installation if the Installation arguments are incorrect.


Verify the Installation Arguments

Copy the installation arguments and manually execute them in any of the client machines. Check that the installation happens without requiring user interventions. In case of any pop-up during the installation, ensure you are using the correct silent installation arguments of the software you are trying to deploy.

If problem persists, contact support with the following details:

  1. Log files from Desktop Central Server
  2. Log files from Desktop Central Agent pertaining to the computer where installation has failed.
  3. The Software Package that you were trying to install.

Applies to: Software Installation, Software Installation failure, Remote Software Distribution, Incorrect Root Path

Keywords: Software Installation Failure, Deploy Software, Invalid Handle Error, Software Distribution Status