Software Deployment How To's

How do I install software that does not support silent installation?


Desktop Central requires the software that is being installed does not wait for any user inputs during installation. This means that only software that supports silent installation can be installed directly using Desktop Central. However, there might be cases where you would require to install software that does not support silent installation. You can use AutoIT scripts to install software that does not support silent installation.

Steps to Install Applications that does not support Silent Installation

  1. Download AutoIt3 from and install it in any computer. Upon installation, you will get an exe as AutoIt3A.exe in the installed directory.
  2. You need to write a script using AutoIt to install any software that waits for user input. Refer to their tutorials (Tutorials --> WinZip Installation) for a sample script and steps to write a script
  3. To install a product using AutoIt the command used should be: AutoIt3A.exe <script-name.au3> where <script-name.au3> is the script that is given as argument to that exe.

Tips for writing the script

  • The first line of the script should be Run("application.exe")
  • The next line should have the title of the popup dialog and some text within the popup dialog followed by the input/action. You will get a clear idea when you go through their tutorial

After creating the script, try to install the application in any local computer using the command AutoIt3A.exe <script-name.au3>. You will see the popup coming and disappearing on their own and will get completed without any input/action from the user.

Once you are able to install your software, you can use the same command as the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments in Desktop Central Add Package screen. While adding the package, ensure that all the three - AutoIt3A.exe, the script (script-name.au3), and the application exe are in the same location. Given below are the steps to add the package:

  1. Click Software Deployment --> Add Package
  2. Select Package type as " MSIEXEC/EXE/ISS/Command:
  3. Specify the name of the application
  4. Click Add more link to upload all the three files, viz: AutoIt3A.exe, script-name.au3, and the application exe
  5. Specify the Installation Command with Switches/Arguments as AutoIt3A.exe script-name.au3
  6. Click Add Package