Service Packs and Hotfixes

Note: If you are new to Desktop Central MSP, download the complete EXE. there is no need to download Service Pack/Hotfix separately.

We recommend users to move to the latest version of Desktop Central MSP - Build 10.1.2137.10 (Learn what's new!).

The SHA256 checksum hash value is 2eff2da596d5abc8bb7acc5622e988e8803f180cf7dfad8c6bf158c8e3450cc8 (Learn more)

Update Path Finder

Service Pack path to the latest version

How can I find build number?

Service Pack apply order for 70101

You are in the latest build!

ClearHow to install ?
  • If your build number isUpgrade to Build NumberSHA256 Checksum hash value
  • 80201 to 80364Download and upgrade to 90003.e8d4141cf4fd990182f2fa9c6cab926b93be538dd84a6479ee1fb3b86bf3925b
  • 90001 to 90145Download and upgrade to 91003.80b87fa67ddaca1ed514d9fc6e1d965ad017eea70397562ce2721d053c53f343
  • 91001 to 91129Download and upgrade to 92006.8c7656d2bd17d25b978ee5a172594f0a9906b7104edd6ca132184594cdbc5f07
  • 92000 to 92120Download and upgrade to
  • 10.0.0 to 10.0.716Download and upgrade to 10.1.2119.10.18bf4d3338ceb0d89dbba2fbaab5765a202565db5c25a75f68b67f1d79b31a64
  • 10.1.2119.1 to 10.1.2137.9Download and upgrade to 10.1.2137.10.2eff2da596d5abc8bb7acc5622e988e8803f180cf7dfad8c6bf158c8e3450cc8 (Learn more)

Important Note

  1. To prevent your antivirus from scanning, add the following to your Antivirus' exclusion list:
    • Desktop Central MSP installation directory
    • Desktop Central MSP Directory folder in which DC database is running.
  2. If the Desktop Central MSP Service is being monitored by a 3rd party tool or a script that will restart the service, ensure that you disable it until you complete the upgrade process.
  3. If you have to install a couple of service packs and hotfixes to reach the latest version, it is recommended to exit the Update Manager tool for every PPM installation.

Instructions to Apply Service Packs & Hot Fixes

What is a Failover Server setup?

A Failover server is a secondary server that starts managing your devices if the primary server goes down, thus eliminating any downtime caused. 

How to check whether you have a Failover Server setup or not?

In the Desktop Central MSP's web console, go to the Admin tab, under Server Settings, click Failover Server.