MDM - GCM Service not available


End user is trying to enroll a mobile device and he gets the error message "GCM Service not available"


You might get this error message, if GCM service is unavialable when you try to enroll the mobile device.


End user is trying to enroll the mobile device and he gets an error message during enrollment, stating that the GCM service is not available. Desktop Central will automatically retry to reach the GCM service and the status will be updated as soon the GCM service is reachable. This might happen if there is connectivity issues to reach the GCM service. End Users cannot do anything from the device, other than ensuring that the device has connectivity to reach the internet. You can inform the end user to wait for some time and retry later.

Applies to: Profile Management, Device Enrollment

Keywords: Profile Specifications, Device not reachable, Android Agent uninstallation