How do I install Lotus Notes using Desktop Central?


This document provides steps required to deploy Lotus Notes to multiple systems using Desktop Central's Software Deployment feature.

Steps to Install Lotus Notes using Desktop Central

Follow the steps given below to install Lotus Notes.

  1. Download the Lotus Notes client and copy the executable files into a folder
    (for example, C:\software\LotusNotes] in your system
  2. Create a zipped file of all the required executable files
    1. Right click on start> Explore
      From the Windows Explorer, navigate to the base folder where the installable files are located
      ( for eg. C:\Software\LotusNotes\)
    2. Select all the files
    3. Right-click and select 7-Zip>Add to archive
      Note: You must install the 7-Zip software application in your system before you do this.
    4. Give an appropriate name for the archive
    5. Save it as a .7z file
  3. Add the package to the Desktop Central server
    1. From the Desktop Central client, select Software Deployment>Add Package
    2. Set the package type to MSIEXEC/EXE/ISS/Command
    3. Select the required application
    4. Upload the .7z zipped file that you created
    5. Click Add More
    6. Upload 7za.exe located to the Desktop_Central_Install_Dir>/Desktop_Central_Server/bin directory
    7. Specify the installation command as setup.exe /s /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 /qb"
    8. From the Advanced Options section, select Run the Script before Installing Software
    9. Specify the script or software name as 7za.exe x "<filename.7z>
      Note: The filename.7z refers to the name that you gave to the zipped file you created and saved as a .7z file.
    10. Click Add Package
  4. Deploy the packages to target client systems
    1. Select the package you added
    2. Click Install/Uninstall Software
      Note: This creates a configuration to install software using the package you created and added.
    3. Select the target computers
    4. Specify the schedule options, if required
    5. Click Deploy

You have deployed Lotus Notes to multiple systems, using Desktop Central's Software Deployment feature.

More Information

You can also customize the Lotus Notes application by creating a transform file that can be used to deploy the application using Desktop Central. For example, if you have created a transform file named custom.mst, you can specify the installation command as setup /s /v"TRANSFORMS=mu.mst /qn"

Both the transform file and the executable file should be stored at the same location.