NetFlow Analyzer 7.5 | 服务包

  • 支持MSSQL数据库


  • 可定制面板

    在NetFlow分析仪中定制面板,能够给您一个新的用户体验。 您可以快速的在面板中添加所需部件,并查看使用排行,主机,会话,应用程序等,如此方便的对网络流量进行监控是前所未有的。查看更多...

  • 站点到站点的流量监控Site to site traffic monitoring

    监控企业中任意两个部门/地点的带宽利用率,使用排行,会话排行等。 Define the site by grouping the IP addresses and you are all set to monitor site to site traffic in your network.通过对IP地址进行分组来定义地点,列出网络中所有地点到地点的流量。查看更多...

  • CBQoS reporting for interfaces which do not have an IP address

    添加设备时,NetFlow Analyzer将会自动检测接口, will automatically detect the interfaces, when the devices are added, 导出CBQoS数据并显示相关报表。exporting CBQoS data and display reports relating to those. The added advantage being that the interfaces need not have an IP address associated with it.

  • Volume based billing

    Taking bandwidth monitoring to the next level! After the speed based billing, which was released in the previous version, comes "Volume based billing", which allows chargeback with respect to the volume of bandwidth consumed.

  • 发送报表的邮件选项Email option for sending reports

    A click is what it takes to send the reports you are seeing to someone else! 这一新功能让用户只需一键就能够通过邮件发送用户正在查看的快照。This new feature lets the user to send the screenshot of the page the user is viewing, through e-mail with just a click.

  • GRE应用程序过滤 application filter

    加密地图隧道中的GRE流量通常计算2次。The GRE traffic in a cryptomap tunnel usually gets double counted. To avoid the double counting and thereafter caused errors in the traffic analysis, user has an option to apply GRE application filter in any interface of the user's choice.

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NetFlow Analyzer可以收集NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (等,) 并继续分析。collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer不需要任何硬件探测器就,使用您的网络环境就可以进行下载,享受30天的免费评估。 does not require any hardware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. 如下链接能够帮助您更好的理解NetFlow Analyzer如何监控网络流量带宽利用率