How to stop the default schedulers?

Objective: To stop the default schedulers of ADManager Plus.

Solution: You can disable the default schedulers using the disable option present in the report scheduler.


  1. Click on AD Reports tab.
  2. Click on the Schedule Reports link located at the top right corner of the reports page. You will now be able to see the list of all scheduled reports. The Action column located beside the Scheduler Name will have the Disable the Scheduler option.
  3. Click on the Disable the Scheduler option located beside the default schedulers (ADUpdateScheduler, DailyReportScheduler, Significant Reports) to disable the schedulers.


  1. Disabling the default schedulers will lead to issues in updating the default update/refresh of AD data in ADManager Plus. Also, the home page dashboards might not display the correct / updated data if the default schedulers are disabled.
  2. The default schedulers can only be disabled and cannot be edited or deleted.

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