Sharing Database to a User

    ManageEngine Analytics Plus lets you share your entire databases and collaborate with your users easily and securely. This will be helpful when you want to share all the Tables, Reports and Dashboards in the database and grant permissions on the views to a user or user group. As a database owner you can set permissions like Read, Write, Export and Share while sharing to users, such that the shared users would be allowed to do only permitted actions when they access any view in the shared database.

    Sharing Database with other users is easy. Follow the instructions below to do the same:

    • My Home page, select the database that needs to be shared.

    • From Explorer tab, click ALL link to select all the views in the database.

    • Invoke Share -> Share Views to New Users option in the toolbar.

    • On invoking the Share Views to New Users Share the selected views to new users dialog will come up as shown below.

    • Then follow the same instructions to specify users, grant permissions and send invitation mail as you would to share a view. For instructions, please refer to Sharing to a User and Sharing to a Grouptopics.




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