Viewing Databases

    • My Databases
    • Shared to Me
    • Featured Sample Reporting Databases
    • Users Shared Public Databases

    You can view all the databases that has been created by you or shared by others to you from the home page of ManageEngine Analytics Plus displayed after you successfully login. The Home page would look similar to the one given below.


    My Databases


    Under the My Databases tab you will see the list of all databases that you had created (you are the database owner). You can click on any database to open the same. Under each database listed you will see a list of operations that you could execute on the database, shown as links. A brief about the operations:


    • Rename: Clicking on Rename icon, you could rename the database name and also modify the description
    • Copy: Clicking Copy icon, you could make another copy of the corresponding database. You need to provide a name and description. If you would like to copy the data apart from all the objects (tables and reports) inside check the option Copy with Data. If not just uncheck this option. In this case only the views will be copied with no data in it.
    • Delete: Clicking Delete icon, you can delete the database permanently from your account. Note that we currently do not support rollback (or trash) for this operation, hence exercise caution before deleting.
    • Share info: Clicking Share Info icon, you can see sharing information for this database. 
    • Backup: Clicking Backup icon, you can schedule regular backups of the data contained in your database. Note that this option is available only in the Professional Edition.

    Additionally, under each listed database, you can quickly view the details of the corresponding database like the number of shared users, number of database owners and whether the database is public or not.
    Use the Search box at the top to search for any database name that you would like to access quickly. This would be helpful if you have quiet a number of databases.


    Shared to Me


    Selecting the Shared to Me tab, you will see the list of all the databases that has been shared to you by other ManageEngine Analytics Plus users (your colleagues, friends etc., ). You can click on any of the database listed to open the same. You would not be able to do any operations (similar to the ones discussed under My Databases section above) on the database as you are not the owner of it. 


    Whenever you share a database to any other user(s), they would find your database listed under their Shared to Me tab when they login into ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

    Featured Sample Reporting Databases


    Clicking on the Samples Databases link, will take you to a page which lists featured reporting databases provided by ManageEngine Analytics Plus for demonstrating its capabilities. These featured samples provided by ManageEngine Analytics Plus are business relevant reporting databases which you could readily reuse for your needs.

    You can click on any of the Sample Database to go through its dataset and reports available in it. This would be an easy way to understand the features/capabilities of ManageEngine Analytics Plus.



    Users Shared Public Databases


    Clicking on the Public Reporting Databases link, will take you to a page which lists all the databases that has been made publicly visible by any of ManageEngine Analytics Plus users. You can click on any of the Public Database listed to go through its data set and reports available in it. You could edit the contents in the database, if the database owner has provided the permission for the same.



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