Error Handling

    API execution could result in Error conditions. In such cases, follow the below given steps to identify whether an error condition has occurred and to handle the same:

    • Check the http response code. If it is 4xx or 5xx (eg., 400, 500, 401 etc.,), then it is an error.
    • In case of error, the error information would be sent in the response body.
    • The format of the error content can be specified by the parameter ZOHO_ERROR_FORMAT. The value it can be either:
      • XML
      • JSON

    Sample Error Response

    Below snippets provide a sample error response in XML and JSON formats when there is no such table called EmployeeDetails in EmployeeDB database.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <response url="/api/demouser/EmployeeDB/EmployeeDetails" action="IMPORT">
    <message>Table EmployeeDetails is not present in the database EmployeeDB</message>


    "url": "/api/demouser/EmployeeDB/EmployeeDetails",
    "action": "IMPORT",
    "message": "Table EmployeeDetails is not present in the database EmployeeDB"


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