How to create an app lock profile for iOS devices?


This document will help you to create an app lock profile to manage iOS devices.

App lock is a feature which can only be applied to devices which are running on iOS 6 and Apple Configurator Supervised devices. To know more about apple configurator supervised devices, refer to: By applying App lock profile users can view and use only the specified app, and the no other actions can be performed on the device. The usage of the mobile device is singled down only for using the particular app.


To create an app lock profile, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the MDM tab
  2. Click Create Profile
  3. Select iOS profile
  4. Enter name, description and configure the user authentication settings for profile removal.
  5. Click Continue and select App Lock
  6. Specify the Name of the App which needs to be set for the device, it can be App store App or enterprise
    App. App names will be listed from App repository. Apps that are installed in the managed mobile devices will also be listed here.
  7. Select the App Name, so that the bundle identifier will be filled automatically.
  8. Click Save to save the profile.
  9. Click Publish for the profile to be ready for association.

This profile can be associated to iOS 6 apple configurator supervised devices only. This profile will not be applied if you choose any other device.

It is recommended to create a separate group for iOS 6 apple configurator devices.

Note: App lock will be applied to the devices immediately if the specified App is already installed on the device. If the App is installed after the App lock profile has been applied, the mobile device must be restarted for the App Lock to function.