In the globalized world, landscape of the Enterprises with global presence is changing. The offices, branches, factories, workshops are spread in different countries. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Enterprises to manage the IT resource. More so with security monitoring and management of IT infrastructure.

The Enterprises seek scalable solution to manage the increasing IT resources. In most of the cases, solutions are poorly scalable or they themselves consume lot of resources. Next to scalabilty, Enterprises look for distributed security monitoring of IT resources, because their brances/offices are present around the world in different geographical locations. The Enterprises are in need of truly scalable and distributed monitoring security solution. With all these they want to view all the monitoring in a single place to facilitate centralized management.

EventLog Analyzer appreciates the IT security needs of large enterprises with global presence and MSSPs. It has come up with a distributed solution, which will scale up to monitor thousands of hosts/applications and deployed at locations around the globe. To cater for the MSSPs, it offers customizable dashboards and user specific views. EventLog Analyzer Distributed Edition is scalable and deployable in distributed model. It offers centralized monitoring of all distributed locations in a single console. It provides exclusive segmented, secured view for different users.

EventLog Analyzer - Distributed Edition - Architecture